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Misinformation recognised as a major threat to governments, businesses, and society in 2024


The start of 2024 has brought with it a range of misinformation and disinformation challenges to governments, businesses, and society. Every week, 5 – 10 incidents reach my inbox of harmful content circulating the internet that has had a proven impact on audience beliefs. Organisations have never been more focused on developing a model of resilience to navigate the complexities and dangers of...

Introducing Threads: Meta’s new social network now 100m users strong


Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, made a significant announcement on July 6th, 2023—the launch of their new social network, Threads. Backed by Meta, Threads has emerged as a serious contender against Twitter. Although not yet available in EU countries due to regulatory concerns, the platform gained immense traction, with 100 million sign-ups as of today. Threads holds...

CEOs on LinkedIn increase personal posts amidst geopolitical tension and declining living standards


Geopolitical tension and a global decline in living standards means business leaders face a catalogue of difficult decisions. This is the backdrop of the third edition of Kekst CNC’s FTSE100 CEO LinkedIn Tracker, which analyses 1,076 posts published by FTSE100 CEOs during 2022. This is further substantiated by additionally reviewing thousands of posts by CEOs across U.S, Germany, and Sweden...

The deception of bots and social status


Whilst mingling at a summer soiree spoilt by artisan delicatessen and golden fizz, a bout of imposter syndrome kicked in. Why was I, as a mid-year Batchelor degree student, invited to the launch of a luxury wedding venue? This was around 2010 and the answer may have been my Klout score. In the earlier days of what’s commonly referred to as web 2.0, a business called Klout claimed you could be...

I spent the day in a decentralised metaverse


The LIFE Picture Collection is a photographic archive of 20th century moments. LIFE commissioned more than 10 million photographs between 1936 to 2000. I’m standing in a dedicated LIFE photography gallery surrounded by mankind’s achievements and moments. Except this gallery is only accessible in the metaverse. Specifically, Decentraland that is a “decentralized virtual world” that is built on the...

Some thoughts on 2020 so far

Stockholm trains night

This year I made a New Year’s Resolution to spend less time in the office. The aim was to spend more time meeting people and contributing to industry events. Reflecting back over the last three months I can say that I’ve definitely spent less time in the office. I was last in London mid-March.  Seriously though, what has happened to 2020? Starting with the positives: After 8 years of being...

Organisations: An algorithm away from irrelevance

City post

Whether it’s managing your reputation or selling products, on the internet all organisations play to algorithms. A set of online instructions that governs whether your content will be seen. As regulatory pressures bring about change for social networks, you may need to work harder to have the same impact. “Where are you? Are you safe?” The tone of panic in my wife’s iMessage was unmistakable –...

10 digital developments businesses can experiment and get ahead with

About to run

In the time it’s taken you to read this sentence over 40,000 Google Searches have taken place. By the end of this sentence eight new people will have joined Facebook, adding to their colossal 1.86 billion monthly active users. To put that in perspective, Facebook is bigger than the populations of China, India, and the US. If I’ve still got your attention (because most people online have less than...

FCA urges Smarter Consumer Comms: harness social media and collaborate

FCA social media

Smart consumer communications cannot heavily rely on information alone; consumers can only gain financial empowerment if financial service companies modernise content offerings. In a consultation paper the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) urge companies to challenge risk-averse approaches to content creation, so that consumers are able to make better financial decisions. The...