Introducing Threads: Meta’s new social network now 100m users strong


Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, made a significant announcement on July 6th, 2023—the launch of their new social network, Threads. Backed by Meta, Threads has emerged as a serious contender against Twitter. Although not yet available in EU countries due to regulatory concerns, the platform gained immense traction, with 100 million sign-ups as of today.

Threads holds substantial potential, considering Meta’s existing user base of 3 billion active Facebook users and 2 billion active Instagram users. Developed by some former Twitter engineers, Threads closely resembles Twitter’s early appearance in 2008, appealing to users seeking a friendlier alternative amid increased scrutiny of Twitter’s policies under Elon Musk’s ownership.

Functioning as an app, Threads allows users to share text, links, images, and videos with their followers through threaded conversations. Profiles on Threads are connected to users’ Instagram profiles, offering the option to follow the same individuals on both platforms and copy bios across. 

Despite its popularity, Threads currently lacks several features commonly found on other social networks, such as hashtags, content searching, and post editing. Considering the nascent stage of Threads, it’s prudent to closely observe its development. Additional functionalities are expected to be added, and the algorithm may undergo changes, particularly when advertising is eventually introduced. Data access for companies is currently limited, posing challenges for content monitoring and reputation management.

To set up Threads, an existing Instagram account is necessary, posing a challenge for businesses without a current Instagram presence. However, this requirement enables users to seamlessly migrate their network from Instagram, giving Threads a unique advantage over previous Twitter rivals like Mastodon and BlueSky.

If you already have an active or inactive Instagram account, signing up for Threads ensures securing your digital presence. Communications professionals and early adopters interested in exploring the platform’s features are also encouraged to join. However, most corporates are advised to monitor Threads’ progress and define their strategies as the platform evolves.

Many questions surrounding Threads’ growth and impact linger in the minds of communications professionals. How many journalists and executives will embrace the platform? What will be the consequences be for Twitter’s should many users choose to switch? When will Meta clarify data access for companies? How will Elon Musk’s legal challenge affect the social network’s trajectory? When can we expect Threads to launch in the EU?

As Threads continues to shape the social media landscape, it’s essential to closely follow its progress and assess its suitability for your communication strategies. Stay informed, observe the evolving features, and be prepared to adapt your approach as Threads unfolds its true potential.

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