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From a spotlight on a stage, to the glow of an Apple Mac, [white space] is where a selection of Michael White’s appearances are listed. Each of the links will take your through to an external website. To discuss event opportunities, please get in touch.

Featured in Dagens Opinion on disinformation in communications

A trip to Stockholm resulted in speaking with renowned industry journalist, Rolf van den Brink, about investing in digital intelligence capabilities to protect clients.

Click here to read the article.

Veckans Brief

Webinar appearance for Pulsar Platform

In discussion with Pulsar and NewsGuard about how mis- and disinformation is endangering the world’s brands and what can be done about it.

Webinar recording unavailable.

Pulsar brands misinformation

Featured on Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

Examine the data story of Ukraine, Russia and Corporate Responses research was based on an analysis of FTSE100 CEOs and their LinkedIn activity.

Click here to read the research.

Netbase Quid Live! 2021

A session that covered big data management, using Natural Language Processing, and examining the future of social insights.

Click here to watch the webinar (subscription required).