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10 digital developments businesses can experiment and get ahead with

About to run

In the time it’s taken you to read this sentence over 40,000 Google Searches have taken place. By the end of this sentence eight new people will have joined Facebook, adding to their colossal 1.86 billion monthly active users. To put that in perspective, Facebook is bigger than the populations of China, India, and the US. If I’ve still got your attention (because most people online have less than...

FCA urges Smarter Consumer Comms: harness social media and collaborate

FCA social media

Smart consumer communications cannot heavily rely on information alone; consumers can only gain financial empowerment if financial service companies modernise content offerings. In a consultation paper the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) urge companies to challenge risk-averse approaches to content creation, so that consumers are able to make better financial decisions. The...

Is now the perfect time to quit blogging?


A dangerous thought has been running through my mind recently; is it time to quit blogging? It’s not through lack of ideas, but fun. If you have never run a blog before then let me tell you this, it’s bloody difficult. A burden of time and mental resource, a commitment that must become habitual otherwise a blog will quickly fall into disrepair. When I began blogging 10 years ago the social media...

When I worked for competitor of infidelity website Ashley Madison

Mystery people

She dripped of sin, blonde hair waving behind her as she headed for the meeting room. The adulterous heiress; marketing manager for a dating website that specialises in infidelity. I sat opposite her, as a student on work experience, and found it difficult to believe that this young woman could be considered ethically responsible for tempting men and women across the country to cheat on their...

The growing opportunity for financial services on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Almost no one attended Mark Zuckerberg’s 2005 lecture at Harvard University. Facebook was one year into its growth, having expanded into 2,000 schools and generating 400 million page views per day. How times have changed. The social network’s school-by-school outreach approach quickly proved to be a successful business strategy that eventually invited public registration in 2006 (here’s a...

New research reveals Twitter location data lacks accuracy

World at night

New research published by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) reveals how determining the geography and languages of Twitter users is fraught with complications. Which in turn will be negatively affecting the quality of reports produced by marketers, governments, activists and researchers. Of 111,143,814 tweets collected by OII, sample studies were carried out to determine the most effective way...