Being consultant ‘fit’


Music is a huge part of my life. I consider it a defining part of who I am. Whilst the dream of being in the heaviest metal band IN THE WORLD hasn’t quite materialised, I can be a dedicated fan of the artists I love. Live music is simply everything. You stand unified with a bunch of people that all share something in common – appreciation and admiration of the band playing live. In my case...

How COVID-19 is impacting public trust


The third edition of Kekst CNC’s COVID-19 Opinion Tracker research is out. It mirrors the daily polling conducted by governments around the world to inform company decision making. Canvassing the views of 6,000 people across the UK, USA, Germany, France, Sweden, and Japan. This edition marks the third month of tracking public opinion globally. The aim is to understand the current state...

Some thoughts on 2020 so far


This year I made a New Year’s Resolution to spend less time in the office. The aim was to spend more time meeting people and contributing to industry events. Reflecting back over the last three months I can say that I’ve definitely spent less time in the office. I was last in London mid-March.  Seriously though, what has happened to 2020? Starting with the positives: After 8 years of being...